Yenimahalle-Şentepe Cable Car Line Passed Heavy Maintenance and Repair

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO by the General Directorate of Turkey's first and only public transport that serves as Şentepe cable car line in Yenimahalle-intensive maintenance and repair work was performed.

Due to the fact that the 22 bin 500 hours of the operating time of the ropeway line was completed, the heavy maintenance and repair work was carried out by a team of experts from abroad.


Every day, the 20 March and 5 April 5 was used for public transportation on the 2018 bin.

The total 4 station and the 3 bin 257 meter, which are integrated with the Batıkent metro, were repaired and repaired at the first 3 station in Yenimahalle-Şentepe line.


Heavy maintenance and repair work is carried out to ensure that passengers travel in a safe and comfortable environment.

In addition to periodical and short-term maintenance as well as long-term maintenance on the ropeway, all systems within the Yenimahalle-Şentepe ropeway line were examined and reviewed one by one.


Within the scope of the works, the sensor cables were assembled and disassembled and the batteries at the top of the tower poles were lowered and all equipment in these batteries were analyzed by NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) and the problematic parts were replaced with new ones.

Teams, stations, service brakes and emergency brakes in the maintenance and testing, including the engine and parts of the vertical and horizontal rollers and rubber bearings were replaced with new ones. In the scope of maintenance, generator and transfer panels were also checked.


While Yenimahalle-Şentepe cable car line, which has the capacity of carrying 24 thousand passengers, was not operated during the maintenance works, the General Directorate of EGO provided additional bus services for the passengers using the cable car and did not cause any inconvenience.

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