Samsunlular Caution No Tekkeköye Tram Until Monday

Samsunlular Attention Tekkeköy Tram Line Cancellation: In Samsun, a truck that plunged into the tram line caused great damage to the power line. SAMULAŞ announced that it will only operate tram between OMU and Municipality Houses until Monday!
An accident that occurred on the tramway in Samsun, was hit by the trips. In the accident that occurred around 21.00:XNUMX, a truck with an open damper plunged into the tram line between Cumhuriyet and Kerimbey station. The tipper of the truck first dismantled the control tank, which warned the drivers, and then the power wires.
Making a statement on the subject, SAMULAŞ General Manager Kadir Gürkan stated that electricity could not be supplied to the line due to the breaking of the energy wires. Kadir Gürkan made the following important warning to the people of Samsun: “All our teams were mobilized. We work in 3 shifts. Currently, the tram is running between OMU and Gar. However, starting from tomorrow, only trams will be run between OMU-Municipality. Our citizens need to make their travel plans until Friday, Saturday and Sunday, between OMU and Municipality Houses. We will put the OMÜ-Tekkeköy line into service on Monday. ”

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