Has Reported Performance-Based Logistics Sector Evaluation Report

Performance Based Logistics Industry Publishes Evaluation Report: Turkey's leading consulting and leading technology companies Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. (STM) has published the new "Performance Based Logistics Sector Evaluation" report.
Nowadays, with the effect of the global economic crises in many developed and developing countries, restrictions are observed in the budgets of the countries devoted to defense in 2010 and after. This necessitates the development of sustainable and cost-effective solutions in the defense industry. The search for solutions focuses on the enterprise-maintenance phase, where about 70 percent of the total life cycle cost of weapon systems takes place. In this context, different approaches and methods have been tried and it has been determined that a sustainable and cost effective solution can be found with the Performance Based Logistics (PDL) approach. The PDL approach, which is applied especially in developed countries, especially in the USA, has started to become widespread in the world.
What is Performance Based Logistics - PDL System?
PDL; It can be defined as the integrated logistics strategy, which is designed and implemented with an appropriate incentive mechanism by combining public-private sector opportunities and capabilities in order to achieve the cost and effectiveness targets determined for the operation-maintenance of a complex defense system.
The PDL approach, which is based on the 1990s in the Turkish Defense Industry, started with the recent Pilot PDL applications under the leadership of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM).
PDL and logistics delays are improving by 70 percent UM
The PDL approach is widely used in the defense industry in the US and UK. In addition to this, along with Turkey, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Japan and the supply of defense systems in South Africa and the PDL is implemented in the company-specific level maintenance. In the report, thanks to the PDL approach, an average of 20-40 percent improvement in the preparation levels of the countries in their systems, an average decrease of 15-20 percent in total life costs, an average increase of 40 percent in the operating hours of the systems, and approximately 70 percent in logistics delay times. An improvement in the rate has been found to occur.
PDL; can be used in transportation, health and energy
Also in STM's report; It is envisaged that the supply and operation-maintenance processes can be modeled with the PDL approach in the energy, transportation and health sectors, especially security, in addition to the defense industry.

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