Chairman Yılmaz Introduces Samsun Logistics Center to Members of Parliament

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz introduced Samsun Logistics Center to members of parliament.

Mayor Yılmaz, who visited the Logistics Center in Tekkeköy district with the members of the Assembly, informed the members of the council about the Logistics Center.

Samsun Samsun, particularly the Logistics Center, all of Turkey in economic development Yilmaz President stating major contribution will provide, "sea, air, road and rail intersection that is very rare point of a hired signature someone to edify trade our Samsun of that now. We have a development strategy as a city. Mersin in southern Turkey ranks Logistics Center. We also felt the lack of such a center in the north. We spent 50 million TL for Samsun Logistics Center. International trade is based on the winner. We are trying to expand the trade volume of our Samsun. Currently, our only goal is to increase exports in Samsun. This center was established for this. This will be the successor of the industrialists, manufacturers and tradesmen. We are very happy to have signed such a project for our Samsun. I wanted to show you the final version of this place to share our happiness. To talk about the last situation of this place, negotiations started with the institutions and organizations that will rent a place in logistics warehouses. Minor transactions remain at this time. I believe that this place will start operating in April 2018. Thus, Samsun will have a large logistics storage center. He will make a great contribution to the economy of our city. ”



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