R & D Engineer Training Project for ESOGÜ

R & D Engineer Training Project was organized at ESOGU: Eskişehir Osmangazi University (ESOGÜ) -Information on) R & D Engineer Training Project Ü organized within the scope of industry cooperation took place at ESOGÜ Congress and Culture Center.
Event, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of ESOGÜ Dr. The project of Emin Kahya started with a presentation. The project is attended by 4 from ESOGÜ Computer, Electrical-Electronics, Industrial, Chemical, Mechanical, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering departments. 55 will be held in faculty classrooms, and 5 will be held in TÜLOMSAŞ A.Ş. Dr. Emin Kahya stated that a significant portion of the students assigned in the project are expected to be employed in a company after graduation.
TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avcı gave information about the activities of TÜLOMSAŞ and the faaliyet R & D Engineer Training Project T. Hayri Avci, who is responsible for developing preventive activities instead of correcting the objectives of the project, turning the problems into opportunities and increasing the profitability, increasing the R & D capability with the project, creating awareness in national and domestic product projects and railway vehicles sector and developing the R & D culture as part of the corporate structure. expressed aim.
Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) President Savaş Özaydemir stated that R&D could not be achieved without a university, and that a university stands next to all companies producing advanced technology today. Pointing out the need to direct children to research activities at a young age, Savaş Özaydemir stated that university teachers also have great duties and asked them to broaden their horizons by instilling the technology of 10 or 20 years later in their students. Stating that young people who do R&D and are successful should be supported and rewarded, Savaş Özaydemir said that the "R&D Engineer Training Project" brought the experience of universities, industry and young people. kazanhe said he would. Savaş Özaydemir concluded his speech by thanking everyone who contributed to the project.
Rector of ESOGU Dr. HASAN Gönen stated that it is not possible to live as an independent country on earth without doing R & D and P & D, while drawing attention to the necessity of offering budget opportunities and physical facilities to universities which are the leading and leading institutions. As ESOGU, they want to use the infrastructure of Eskişehir by adding their own scientific skills and they want to create a superstructure in this way. Dr. Hasan Gönen said that they aim to serve humanity in this way. Professor Dr. Hasan Gönen stated that they will continue to use all the opportunities they have in order to continue the university-industry cooperation and thanked everyone who attended the event.
Deputy Governor of Eskişehir Ömer Faruk Günay started his speech by congratulating everyone who contributed to the project and sharing his wish to employ many of the students taking part in the project in the future. Addressing the students Ömer Faruk Günay, 10 said that after all these years, all of them will have a job and the young people should think the main thing they should think about by doing and doing something that has not been done until now. Dr. Ömer Faruk Günay asked the young people to develop themselves, to dream and to continue reading in order to take our country forward in every subject.
Following the speeches, the ”R & D Engineer Training Project ardından protocol was signed. TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avci, ISKUR Provincial Director Hasan Comrade, ESO President Savas Ozaydemir and Rector of ESOGU. Dr. Hasan Gönen signed.

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