Bursa expects support for the Underground metro in Ankara

Bursa is waiting for support in Ankara for the Yıldırım metro: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is waiting for the support of Ankara for the new subways that it plans to build on the important arteries of the city, while the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is doing the restoration of roads, intersections, new stadium and historical artifacts with its own budget.

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, who stated that they want to start the construction of the metro that will cost 9 kilometers or even 600 million liras in Bursa Yıldırım, is being supported by many cities. We want 2017% support from Ankara for the subways to start as soon as he said.

Starting from Gökdere, Mayor Altepe emphasized that they want to start the 9-kilometer underground metro line that will be connected to Beyazıt Avenue, Davutkadı, Tayyareci Mehmet Ali Caddesi Baruthane, Değirmenlikızık, Tezok, Siteler, Şevket Yılmaz Hospital and Mimar Sinan Bursaray station in 2017. He was going to Yılmaz Hospital. We have connected this to Mimar Sinan Bursaray station. Studies and projects about Yıldırım's new subway are ongoing. We are in a meeting with Ankara. On the one hand, we need to get the support of Ankara for the launch of projects as soon as possible. Our minister, our deputies are doing alternative work. We demand half-price support from Ankara. We want to start operating in 2017. If there is support, the next metro steps, underground investments and other lines will be realized quickly. ”

Explaining that the lightning metro will cost 600 million liras, Mayor Altepe said, “Everything is on us. We are still trying to solve it. We want to prevent any investment. On the other hand, however, we are trying to start new metro lines. The government supports Istanbul, Ankara, some Izmir and Antalya on some issues. We also asked for support for our new transportation investments. ”

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe added that a new subway line was planned in Osmangazi, following the launch of Yıldırım, and then a new subway line in Nilüfer.

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