Forgotten Items in EGO Sold with Auction

EGO buses connected to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Ankara and Ankara and forgotten in the subway and 1 goods not sold for years, was offered for sale by auction.

9 thousand 840 TL revenue was obtained from the items sold in the auction organized under the coordination of Support Services Department of EGO General Directorate. 9 thousand 24 TL and 201 Dollars, 290 Euro and gold items were recorded as revenue in EGO's cash register.


The capital goods showed great interest in the tender which included many different products ranging from apparel to mobile phone, camera to musical instrument, watch to sunglasses. The tender, which was held this year, was attended by second hand goods sellers and citizens who wanted to help their customers.


EGO buses, metro and after being forgotten by passengers in ANKARAY by the chauffeurs and motion officers who are informed of the goods delivered to the Lost Property Service is delivered to the owners. The list of items whose owners cannot be reached is announced by EGO General Directorate periodically isSayf is published on the website. The list of missing items is also announced by the Police Radio. The items are sold by auction if their owners cannot be reached by 1 during the year.

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