Bursa T2 Tram Line to Change the Face of Istanbul Road

bursa t2 will be integrated with tramway rail systems
bursa t2 will be integrated with tramway rail systems

Bursa T2 tramway will change the course of Istanbul Road: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said that the work on the T2 City Square - Terminal tram line, which is designed to make Bursa more livable and healthy by the Metropolitan Municipality, will change the face of Istanbul Road.

Works are continuing on the T2 Tram Line project that will connect Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's City Square and Terminal between rails. Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe, met with the Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats, Istanbul Street on-site studies continued.

In order to make Bursa a more accessible and healthy city, President Altepe said that the works on all areas, especially rail systems, continued. Daha Every corner of Bursa has a transformation. In metropolitan cities, especially rail system works are among the most important studies. The T2 line on Istanbul Street, also known as Yalova Road, is one of the most important works of Bursa. Istanbul Road, which is one of the most important entrances of the city with the line which is approximately 9 kilometers between Kent Square and the bus station, will completely change the face of Bursa Yal.

“Will add value to Bursa“

President Altepe stated that great precision was shown and the highest quality of all productions were made and added, is We would like to welcome the visitors of Bursa and have a nice image. The stations and bridges to be built here will add value to Bursa as a fine piece of art. Burada

In the scope of the study, Altepe pointed out that the environmental regulations were paid attention and that the trees were protected during the Istanbul Street and the concrete barriers surrounding the line were arranged as a curtain concrete wall in such a way that the standards did not exceed 75 cm.

President Altepe also stated that the concrete walls in the middle median will be applied on the patterns unique to Bursa, such as wrought iron. Expressing that Istanbul Street is the most important city entrance of Bursa, Mayor Altepe said, “We are trying to gain a project that will add value to Bursa. Everything is for the city of quality Bursa ”.

President Altepe, T2 tram line along the line of the station, overpass and environmental arrangements will change the face of the entire region, he said.

Bursa Light Rail and Bursa Tram Map



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