Towards the end of the wire assembly of Akçaray tram line

📩 16/12/2018 16:44

Towards the end of the wire assembly of the Akçaray tramway line: Electrical wire drawing works continue within the scope of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Tramway Project. 7 thousand meters of all the 400 meters of 6 meters were taken while the installation works of the poles reached the front of the New Friday Mosque.


Metropolitan Municipality's transportation of the city will bring comfort in the Akçaray Tramway Project, the energy of the vehicles to take their energy and move to the end of the electrical system was reached. In the works, the installation of the direct and electrical wires is carried out meticulously. In this context, an important part of the energy line work was completed by pulling the 6 thousand meter wire.


The wires on the line are connected to each other by the kataner poles. The 410 units of 370 units have been installed along the route. The assembly process from the Central Bank to the front is carried out with the necessary test procedures.

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