Fires in İzmit District of İzmit

Izmit Izmit in the district of the fire during the work of the fire output: Kocaeli's Izmit district during the tramway fire extinguished in a short time.

ISU steel pipeline within the tramway work line has also occurred during the cut-off by ISU

The İSU steel pipeline, which remains within the tramway running on Şehabettin Bilgisu Street on İzmit Şehabettin Street, was cut by the İSU and removed from the pipes. Due to the intense smoke, the shopkeepers panicked and called 110 fire crews. Firefighters from a short time to the scene put out the burning pipe with foam. After a short time, the heavy smoke broke up.

Before the tram works in Izmit district, a few times a natural gas pipe had been punctured and panic had been experienced for a short time.

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