Sapanca Municipality Kurtköy Railway Completed the Lower Passage Problem

Sapanca Municipality Kurtköy Railway Completed the Lower Passage Problem: Sapanca Mayor Assoc. Dr. Aydin Yilmazer, said a very important issue has been resolved.
Sapanca Municipality, Sapanca Kurtköy neighborhood on the way to the coastal side of the main road and the inadequacy of the road, especially in rainy weather and pedestrian traffic in the passageway to the passage of the passage would be difficult.
Stating that the stream along the lower passage is also disciplined by the rainwater, Yilmaz Yilmazer emphasized that the local people and those who have difficulty in reaching the lake shore from Kurtkoy have been provided with a more comfortable pedestrian zone during the rainy weather. In the context of the studies, the ground level of the lower passage was leveled and concrete rain and drain water channels were made on one side of the passageway.
Sapanca's touristic potential to bring the lake and the coast of the lake from each section of the pedestrian and vehicle transportation in order to avoid a problem in all sub-passages in the similar work done, the people of Kurtköy and the guests no longer using the relevant subway to use any problem will not experience President Yilmazer, held He added that the solution was found to be a significant defect by the gateway.

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