Minister Yıldırım, We Will Increase High Speed ​​Lines to 2018 Kilometers in 3

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Minister Yıldırım, We Will Increase the High Speed ​​Train Lines to 2018 thousand 3 Kilometers in 200: Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said, “As of 2015, we have completed and put into service a 213-kilometer high-speed train line.
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım said, “As of 2015, we have completed and put into service a 213-kilometer high-speed train line. We will have increased to 2018 kilometers in 3. ”
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, met with the press members at breakfast at TCDD Kule Restaurant. In his speech, Minister Yıldırım said, “In 2003, the share of our electric lines in the total length was 18 percent, as of 2015 we doubled this. It was 36 percent. In 2018, 65 percent of the whole line will become electrified. High speed train lines As of 2015, we have completed and put into service a 213 km high speed train line. This is a completely new line. In 2018, we will increase to 3 kilometers. He will have found almost two and a half times today's rate, ”he said.
Using the expression “The number of vehicles passing through bridges in Istanbul decreased in 2015,” Yıldırım said:
“Istanbul traffic is increasing every day. The number of motor vehicles in Turkey was based on 8 million from 20 million. But the number of vehicles passing through bridges decreased from 150 million to 141 million. We investigated the reason for this. We saw the reason as follows; Marmaray. Marmaray was opened on October 2013, 29. It has carried 114 million passengers to date. This is almost 8 times the population of Istanbul. This is the explanation for the decrease in bridges. If you make enough public transportation infrastructure available, people prefer public transportation instead of going by car. The traffic problem in big cities is also decreasing. ”
Yıldırım stated that there is a connection from Bursa to Bilecik line and when it is connected, Istanbul, Ankara, Konya can be visited, and the works continue in the department until Yenişehir. Explaining that the second part is between Yenişehir and Osmaneli and that the tender will be held this year, Yıldırım stated that the Ankara-Sivas line will be completed in 2018.
Answering the questions of the press members, Yıldırım asked the question about the visa crisis Russia has applied to the flight crew, “The work that Russia is applying to the flight crew is in violation of the international aviation rules. It is a completely arbitrary application. We will remind you immediately that this practice is wrong in diplomatic channels and does not comply with the norms of the International Aviation Organization. Our aim is not to retaliate against the crisis we are experiencing with Russia, but to normalize relations ”.
Stating that it is possible to talk about privatization, not liberalization in railways, Minister Yıldırım stated that there are important projects in port management. Yıldırım said, “The infrastructure of North Aegean Çandar Port has been completed. We are bidding the superstructure again this year. We will do this with a public private partnership. There is a port of Filyos. It will be a very important main port in the Black Sea. This had legal issues that have been going on since 2014. We will have started there this year as well. Some ports have privatization Inebolu Port, Izmir Port. In these, evaluations continue within the scope of privatization. Many marina projects are also on the agenda of our ministry. We will put the yacht harbors into operation in 2016 ”.
On the question regarding the necessity of domestic use in the 4.5G tender, Yıldırım said, “We will extend the 4.5G localization rate over time. We anticipate gradual implementation to reach 30 percent in the beginning and 40, 45 percent later. The first obligation will begin on April 1, 2016. After that, we will seek the realization of the gradual rates in the years to come. ”
Indicating that reading in HGS is from the top and reading the plate, Yıldırım explained that 40 percent of the citizens switched without the HGS label, so that the plate is looked at, and the label contains information about the vehicle. Reiterating that there is no such thing as forgiveness of the penalties, the distance used by the longest distance application has been corrected, Yıldırım said: “In this period, the citizen should make an objection about the penalty notification first. This will be the time of review and detection, and at the end of this period, this arrangement becomes clear. If there is an injustice, it is our duty to eliminate this injustice. The real addressee of this issue is the Ministry of Finance. We will share the outcome of the application, we will do our best to ensure that citizens are not victims. ”
“We have experienced the attack that attracted 236 ATTENTION, THAT WAS NEGATIVE RESULTS”
On the question of cyber attacks Minister Yıldırım, said:
“It started on December 14th. It continued mainly until December 24. 18 major attacks in 236 days. We had 236 striking and negative results. Immediately BTK, our Ministry took action. We went to increase capacity against these attacks. The strategy action document on cyber security was signed and entered into force. There will be new actions by 2018. All the institutions related to those actions will be fulfilled. In addition, our Ministry invites the Cyber ​​Security Board to the meeting in the last week of January. In this committee, we will discuss and decide on new measures and new action plans. ”
The question of whether there will be an increase in railway prices, Yıldırım said, “Ankara-Istanbul, Konya-Istanbul high-speed train will not be raised. No price increase ”replied.
Yildirim, continued his speech:
“There are new highways that we will build with a public private partnership. Highway connecting Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge to the Edirne Kars Tem road on the Anatolian and European side. In the first place in Ankara Samsun direction, we will realize the highway between Ankara Delice by build-operate-transfer. We will tender the Ankara Niğde highway this year. We will realize the Çanakkale transition. These issues are important projects between 2016-2019. Let's add Kanal Istanbul to this. Our second important move will speed up the construction of hot asphalt roads on highways. Our goal until 2019 is to reach 28 thousand kilometers. Now 19 thousand kilometers. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will be completed by the end of 2016 at the end of XNUMX with the connection roads. ”
Yildirim said that the life of the divided roads saved 1 billion pounds in the 16.5 years of the source of the economy reported that, the exhaust gas in the air through the divided roads 3 billion 250 reduction in cubic meters, he said.

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