Ski Competition in Hakkari

Skiing Competition in Hakkari. 52 athletes struggled fiercely in the inter-club skiing competition, colorful images were experienced.

12 athletes from 8 clubs participated in the Inter-club Alpine Discipline Ski Provincial First Prize held at Merga Buta Ski Center, approximately 52 kilometers from the city center.

Sports Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Ski Provincial Representation organized by the athletes in the competition made a great effort to enter.

After the competition in which colorful images took place, the awards were given to Nevzat Yilmaz, Youth Branch Director of Youth and Sports Directorate, Naif Çallı and Club Coaches.

It is reported that the athletes will represent Hakkari in group competitions in Erzurum.

Meanwhile, the citizens of the ski resort evaluating the weekend, also enjoyed their hearts.


📩 24/11/2018 16:29

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