Winter Season Started at Hazarbaba Ski Center

Winter Season Has Started at Hazarbaba Ski Center. Hazarbaba Ski Center, one of the important winter tourism centers of Eastern Anatolia, opened the season.

Hazarbaba Ski Center in Sivrice district of Elazig attracts the attention of ski lovers in neighboring provinces as well as Elazig. While there was a busy weekend in the center with a view of Hazar Lake, the citizens who came with their children enjoyed the snow.

Ski center manager Taner Durmus, the last rainfall after reaching the sufficient level of snow, they said the season opened.

2015 27 thousand people who visit the center of the visit stating that the Durmuş, said:

“All kinds of skiing opportunities are available in the resort. It was a week delayed compared to last year. But it goes well. People started to flock here slowly. We have groups on weekends. Mountaineering clubs are coming. Our paragliding athletes are coming. Apart from that, we have a snowboard group. The regulars of our ski resort are doing shows in the abundant snow. We try to provide people with all ski-related services in terms of skiing, snowboarding and sledding.

Durmuş, the transportation to the center for the convenience of a travel agency agreed with and they want to point out that they offer a tour for the citizens, those who want to stay in the days stay at hotels on the shores of Hazar Lake, he added.

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