Thermal ski resort of the Aegean

Aegean thermal ski center: With its unique houses, vineyards and gardens, the hill park, Murat Mountain and the hot springs, Gediz, which has become the indispensable hope of people, is waiting to be discovered.
Gediz, which has been a threshold to many civilizations throughout history, BC. It was founded between 1000-700 by the Phrygians under the name Kadoi. Kadio, who joined the Roman geography in 133 BC, remained within the borders of the Byzantine State after the Roman Empire split into two and became the episcopal center during this period. During the War of Independence, it was occupied by the Greek on September 5, 1919. It should not be forgotten that Gediz's sons and İbrahim Efe are among the heroes of Belova Murat Mountain during the days of National Struggle. This small Anatolian district, which has given its name to the Gediz River since the first years of the Republic, has kept up with the rich resources on the ground and underground, and has protected its own customs and traditions.


Murat Mountain, the highest mountain in the Aegean Region, is 2312 m. It is a rich forest area of ​​400 hectares. Turkey is an important plant in May 2003 by the World Wildlife Foundation and has been declared as bird area. In 1987, the Thermal Tourism Center was declared with the decision of the Council of Ministers. Murat Mountain Thermal Ski Center has been hosting ski lovers for three years. Murat Mountain, which is one of the rare places in terms of healing hot water and cold water sources, was one of the most beautiful places of the worship of Mother Goddess Kybele during the Phrygians. On Murat Mountain, you can spend your day among poplar, plane tree, pine, cherry, walnut trees and beautiful flowers. It will be another joy to see the primrose flowers, orchids, especially the Weeping Bride (reverse tulip). You will be able to feast on a fresh trout for lunch, and then you will be accompanied by Gediz, which flows through the grand plane trees as you travel through the black pine forests and head towards the summit. You will not forget Kesiksöğüt locality where Gediz and Porsuk were born. The water arising from this source is divided into two. As Gediz flows into the Aegean Sea, Porsuk mixes with Sakarya and flows into the Black Sea. In the evening, you can stay in the facilities of Gediz Municipality on the Mount Murat. Friendly and bright welcoming staff will welcome you. On Murat Mountain, you will pack the thyme with your hands. If you love living, nature and people, Murat Mountain will embrace you. At Murat Mountain, nights will be cool, don't forget to take your clothes like jackets and cardigans, take your clothes and spare batteries to enjoy the hot springs or baths.

2312 meters high Murat Mountain Springs

Located in the highest hills of Kütahya, Murat Mountain Hot Springs was declared as a thermal tourism center in 2987. Murat Mountain, at an altitude of 2312 meters, is the center of attention of scientists with its 853 varieties of plants, flora and climate. Murat Mountain Hot Springs, which have a full oxygen tank and want to enjoy being peaceful with nature, is one of the important addresses of healing. There are two baths side by side here and these baths are thought to have been built during the Germiyanoğulları period. The hot springs are also 30 kilometers from Gediz. In the water; sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, bromide and sulfate. Murat Mountain Spas, which is good for many health problems such as nervous, muscle disorders, gynecological diseases and rheumatism, is one of the holiday spots you think for your health.


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