Keçiören metro will be put into service in the third quarter of 2016

Keçiören metro will be put into service in the third quarter of 2016: Keçiören Mayor Mustafa Ak stated that the works of Keçiören metro continue and said, “The Keçiören metro, which will ease traffic and public transportation, will be put into service in the third quarter of the year”.
He gave the good news that Keçiören-Maltepe subway, which was laid in 2003, will be opened in July-September this year.
Explaining that the Keçiören subway will be connected to the Atatürk Cultural Center and the total line length will be 10 kilometers, Ak said that by opening the subway, he will contribute to the traffic problem of Keçiören.
- Gümüşdere Ihlamur Valley became the eye of investor
Gümüşdere Ihlamur Valley work in the end of the recording of the Ak, the project's total cost of 24 million TL had found that passed.
When Gümüşdere Ihlamur Valley is completed, it will become a place where people travel with their family. Because while walking around this stream, people felt bad smell and discomfort from the stream. Akın said that after the rehabilitation works we made on the stream, a clean and clear walking area has been formed.
Pointing out that investors show intense demand to this valley, Ak said, "Thanks to Gümüşdere Ihlamur Valley, private properties have become more valuable and this project has brought economic vitality around this project."
- Urban transformations are ok
Stating that they want to deliver social housing within the scope of Yükseltepe urban transformation project this year, Ak said, “There are 450 social residences there, a total of 5 residences. We, as a municipality, do 500 thousand of these. Others are carried out by private contractors. ”
According to the information given by Ak, urban transformation in Ovacık, Yükseltepe, Hacıkadın region and zoning arrangements in Bağlum regions will be completed and the city's urbanization will be pioneered. Again, in Bağlum District, a gymnasium project with a capacity of 3 thousand spectators is being worked on and the hall is planned to be opened in 2017. Approximately 200 thousand trees have been planted in Kartaltepe Urban Forest, which has a total area of ​​one thousand 20 thousand square meters and this area is designed as a promenade area.
- "The warm hand of the state will be worth the citizens in Keçiören"
People will continue to work to meet the social and cultural needs of the public and the state's warm hand is worth paying attention to the citizen of the AK feature, said the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged groups will focus on projects.
People with disabilities in the city sidewalk, the city to provide comfortable access to all kinds of access to the city, noted Ak, said:
We have a social service campus that we run jointly with the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. It will be built on an area of ​​8 thousand square meters in Kuşıp Mahallesi. A campus will be held where the services of everyone who needs to receive services in the community are provided. We will lay the foundations of this study in 2016. Disabled people, elderly people, women and people in need will need service. It will be a place where there are many different units, from the soup house to the charity bazaar and the disabled service unit and the old guest house, where they both receive education and color their daily lives.

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