Hefei Subway Test Drives Start in China

Hefei Subway Test Runs in China Started: Test runs on the first metro line in China's Hefei city began on January 20. The tests are carried out with a total of 45 personnel. 9 tests of the trains are carried out while on the move and 27 tests of the trains are performed while they are static.
Hefei Metro 1. The line is 24,6 km long and contains 26 units. 2012 lä either ± mÄ ± ± ± na na baåÿlan engaged in the bazaar that even ± ± ± n in noktalarä has also diäÿ ± scarcely any transfer lines.
Even more öN by Nanjing SR Puzhen Rail Transport åÿirket to result in sipariåÿ the train 26 units will train User ± l. The ordered trains are delivered by 4. Others will be delivered by the end of this year at certain intervals. The date on which the line will be fully commissioned was planned as the month of September.

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