Tüdemsaş's Robotized Wagon Sandblasting Plant (Photo Gallery)

Robotized Wagon Sandblasting Facility of Tüdemsaş: Welding, paint, etc. It is a process that must be applied before such procedures. In this way, deformation, welding errors or cracks in the chassis or any main part of a revised or repaired wagon can be seen very clearly and the chance of healthy intervention increases. Likewise, it ensures that the painting process to be made on the wagon gives more healthy and permanent results.

Robotic blasting is used in the repair and repair works of wagons coming to Tudemsas Wagon Repair Factory. When working at full capacity, 200 wagons can be sandblasted in 2 wagons with surface area of ​​24 m6. When the truck is a platform-type wagon with less surface area, this number can be up to 10 per day.

Steel grid is used for sandblasting process. In this way, the environment required for the maximum penetration of the paint on the surface of the wagon is also created.

Disadvantages of Manual Wagon Sandblasting:
• Manual sand blasting is unhealthy and dangerous
• The operator is exposed to noise, dust and physical stress.
• Heavy, restrictive protective clothing and ladders are required.
• Accidents and work-related injuries are likely to occur.
• Can cause delays in production frequently.

Robotic Wagon Shot Blasting Plant as these disadvantages are eliminated;

• The operator can control the entire process from the top of the scada in an ergonomically designed, air-conditioned and sound-insulated enclosure and observe faults in the system.
• In robotic blasting, the operator can observe pre-programmed robots from the room.

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