12 Bingol

Haserek Ski Resort Winter Ready

Haserek Ski Facility Ready for Winter: Bingöl Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger, located at the summit of Haserek Mountain near Dik village, 34 kilometers from the city center and with a runway length of 600 meters, a 70-bed capacity hotel building, teleski, [more…]


Graduated Ladies Appointment

Rail Systems Division of Graduate Women Assignment Asks: Erzincan and all over Turkey Transportation Services Rail System is a graduate of women to make their voices heard to be done for the next intake of women staying for assignment just could not help unemployed from the department where they have for years [more…]

What is iett emergency? When was iett founded
34 Istanbul

İETT Beykoz New Flights and Stops

New Expeditions and Stops from IETT to Beykoz: While IETT added 10 new buses and 2 new lines to Beykoz, modern bus stops were placed at 21 points in need. Transportation investments realized with the cooperation of IETT and Beykoz Municipality [more…]


RayHaber 25.12.2015 Tender Bulletin

Bus will be leased Concreting of bad roads and places in İzmir port areas TCDD 2 Region hardware software license supply network works and system hall renewal Accommodation service will be taken Ankara metro operation voltage transducer purchase work Work counter [more…]

06 Ankara

Meeting Between Ministry of Transportation and DTD

Meeting between the Ministry of Transport and the DTD was held: The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications (UDHB) invited the Association of Railway Transport (DTD) to discuss the demands and suggestions in the railway sector. The Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications (UDHB) Talat [more…]

251 Ethiopia

Cooperation meeting between TCDD and Ethiopian Railways

A cooperation meeting was held between the TCDD and the Ethiopian Railways: A meeting was held at the General Directorate of TCDD on 21 December 2015 to improve the cooperation between Ethiopian Railways (ERC) and TCDD. The meeting started with a presentation introducing TCDD, Ethiopian guest [more…]

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Sivas Demirspor Club celebrates its 75th anniversary

Sivas Demirspor Club celebrates its 75th anniversary: ​​TÜDEMSAŞ, which was opened with the name of 'Sivas Cer Workshop' in 1939, established Sivas Demirspor Club in 1940 without wasting any time. The aim is to take young people from the streets and reintegrate them into society, to their body and mind development. [more…]


The last deck was placed on the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge

The last deck was placed on the İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge: The last deck was laid on the İzmir Bay Crossing Bridge, which is expected to be completed in March 2016. The laying of the main cable on the bridge is finished. The assembly of decks on the sea will begin in the coming months. Between Izmir and Istanbul [more…]

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16 Bursa

Yellow buses from BURULAS came to Inegol

Yellow buses belonging to BURULAŞ came to İnegöl: Yellow buses belonging to BURULAŞ, which will provide public transportation between Bursa and İnegöl, arrived in İnegöl. Yellow buses will start their services on Monday, December 28, 2015. Normal from İnegöl to Bursa with yellow buses [more…]

39 Italy

Hitachi AT300 to produce trains in Italy

Hitachi Will Manufacture AT300 Trains in Italy: According to the statement made by Hitachi on December 22, AT300 trains ordered by the Great Western Railway (GWR) for use in the UK will be produced at the company's factory in Pistoia, Italy. 361 million euros signed last July [more…]

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Intercity Railways

Manisada train crash took life

Train accident in Manisa died: 77-year-old Suzan Ç, in the train accident that occurred at the pedestrian crossing opposite Altınordu Primary School in Salihli of MANİSA. He died horribly According to the information obtained, the train accident 16:15 [more…]

34 Istanbul

Haydarpasa Train Station

Haydarpaşa Station gets its trains: Trade areas in its plans, including Haydarpaşa Train Station, are canceled. According to the new plan of the ministry, the train returns to Haydarpaşa. Haydarpaşa Station, which was closed within the scope of the High Speed ​​Train Project and then underwent a great fire [more…]


President Karaosmanoğlu in the Fast Train Cockpit

Mayor Karaosmanoğlu in High Speed ​​Train Cockpit: Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu attended TDBB's board meeting hosted by Konya Selçuklu Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay. Members of TDBB at the meeting [more…]

06 Ankara

giant expects tenders in Turkey's transport

giant expects tenders in Turkey's transport: new transportation projects and will enter the new year with the tender. A number of mega-transportation projects will kick off in 2016. There is very little left to enter the new year. New year, also new hopes, new [more…]


Trabzon Metro Station

Trabzon Now Metro is Wanted: The light rail system could not be put into practice to solve the traffic problem in Trabzon and the project has now completed its life. Now the Metro is requested. Both the most profitable alternative to the rail system and the expropriation cost [more…]

16 Bursa

Non-Postponed Campaigns

Non-transferable flights begin in Bursa: One end of Bursa starts uninterrupted transportation by metro. The end of the studies initiated to make Bursaray flights from Uludağ University to Kestel directly. Available when the automatic signaling system of the Arabayatağı-Kestel line is activated [more…]