Railway between Adana and Mersin goes on four lines

The railway between Adana and Mersin runs on four lines: TCDD 6. Regional Directorate of the project designed by the Adana-Mersin double rail network to work to remove four errors.

While this project is continuing, especially in the evening, it is of great importance to make sunk-outputs at the points required to prevent vehicle traffic from going from the center of Tarsus to the northern region (Ruler).

The project is expected to cost around 68 million TL, which is the project of the project of Nvoğlu - Nuhoğlu - Transportation Construction company.

As the railway network passing through the city center of Tarsus rises from the 2 line to the 4 line and closes the level crossings, the authorities are planning how to work in order to prevent any disruption in vehicle traffic towards Tarsus's South and North direction.

At this point, citizens emphasize that instead of overpasses that are no longer suitable to use and disrupt the aesthetics of the city, it would be more beneficial to make sunk-output at Yuzuncuüyil, Mithatpaşa or Gazipaşa level crossing points where there is heavy vehicle traffic in Tarsus.

TCDD 6. It was learned that the Regional Directorate officials continued to discuss the issue with the relevant institutions in Tarsus and that the final decision regarding the Tarsus section of the project will be clarified in the coming days.


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