Malatya Wagon Repair Factory re-sold

Malatya Wagon Repair Factory was put on sale again: Wagon Repair Factory (VOF) building and land which was sold for many times under the name of isten privatization ler but not selling for various reasons was re-sold.

The tender for the wagon repair factory (VOF) building and its land was evaluated in the tender given by the tenderers in the last May and the tender was canceled upon the withdrawal of the persons and companies applying for the final bargaining negotiations.

The Privatization Administration has recently sold the Wagon Repair Factory, which was previously sold as a single piece several times but could not find a buyer, in the 5 as a separate piece. 20 2015 applications were submitted to 5 for separate land. 20 and 5 have offered for the plot, while some companies and people are in the 2 land and some companies and individuals.

In Flurries Plan Industry and Storage, seen as the height where technology Demanding and learned that the Sumerian belonging Holding Wagon Repair Plant 5 Total bidder for the parcel's sales in the firm of cancellation of sales transactions Wagon Repair Plant on the withdrawal by joining ultimate bargain.


The area of ​​sanitary wagon repair factory has been put on sale once again in the 243 thousand 718 square area located in the borders of İkizce District (Köyü) of Yeşilyurt District.

The deadline for bid repair for the Wagon Repair Factory, which was put up for sale by tta Gayrimenkul AŞ, was ended on 2 December 2015.

Yesilyurt İkizce Quarter, 113 island, 21 No. 243.718,00 square meter surface area of ​​the parcel, Industry and Storage, Non-Housing Urban Study Area, Parking Area and Road site zoned been asked 1 million 200 Thousand temporary deposit guarantee who will bid for real.

It is also stated that those who will participate in the tenders to be made according to the bargaining procedure should receive the tender specifications separately for the immovables.

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