MOTAŞ continues to train bus drivers

MOTAŞ continues to provide training to bus drivers: Within the scope of the training organized by the Human Resources unit of MOTAŞ A.Ş, the problems encountered while carrying out public transportation services in different regions of Malatya during the day and the solutions to these problems were discussed.

In the training program held in the Training Hall of the Malatya Traffic Branch Directorate Training Area, drivers were given traffic training accompanied by slides.

In the traffic education, which is one of the trainings organized every year at regular intervals, what should be paid attention to the drivers to provide a better quality service is summarized as follows:

Let your vehicle manage your knowledge, not your fate

The passengers we carry are our parents who are instrumental in winning our bread. Therefore we need to make them comfortable and comfortable. For this, first of all, we have to get up to start the day with a plus.

We can make a good start to the day by approaching our events.

Because we represent the municipality, we should be more careful and more sensitive to the rules. We must not ignore the fact that all eyes are on us.

We are in the position of setting an example for society in traffic rules. We represent an institution.

In order not to forget that speed is a disaster, we should give a wide space on one side of our minds.

In order not to hurry, we must take care to leave in time.

The driver's distance is less than the sensing distance and he cannot see the imminent dangers in a timely manner. Therefore, we should be careful not to use vehicles when they are nervous.

If we have to speed up we should make sure that the brakes of the vehicle are secure and adjust the braking distance well. As the speed increases, the distractions and the risk of accidents increase.

We should definitely use the seat belt.

We shouldn't talk by phone when driving. When using 70 promil alcohol with the driver of the vehicle using the person who is at the same level of attention level.



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