3. 415 meters to unite in Bosphorus Bridge Project

  1. 415 meters to merge in Bosphorus Bridge Project: 3. The 415 meter remained on the Bosphorus Bridge to unite the two sides. The 923 's tallest deck in the 20 tone of the bridge was also placed on the seventh floor.

In Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge project, which is the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge realized by ICA, the last bend was entered in steel deck assembly operations.

The assembly and welding of 923 of 59 steel decks, the heaviest of which is 41 tons, on the bridge has ended. With the completion of the assembly of the 41 steel decks, 415 meters were left to join the two sides. In this way, 170 meters of progress was achieved for one month in the assembly of the steel deck. The bridge and the two-lane 8-lane highway and the two-lane railroad crossing the bridge, the lifting of the 923th deck, the heaviest deck of 20 tons, and the work on the bridge were displayed.


The assembly process of the inclined hanger ropes, one of the two systems to carry the bridge, has come to an end. While the assembly process of 156 of the inclined suspension ropes was completed, more than 44 of the inclined suspension ropes to be used for hanging 5 steel decks in the main opening were finished. With a total weight of 4 thousand 8 tons, the lengths of the slanted suspension ropes vary between 787 and 154 meters. The total twist length of the ropes in the "ducts" with diameters of 597 to 225 millimeters reaches up to 315 kilometers. Each strand contains 6500 wires with a diameter of 5,2 millimeters.


  1. In the Bosphorus Bridge Project, the main cable shooting process, which was carried out simultaneously with the works on both the European and Asian sides, was completed. The two main cables, which are a total of 13 thousand tons, will carry their weights as well as a thousand tons of 40 load. The main cable shooting process started in August ended as soon as the 2 month, while the 71 bin 645 kilometer rope was pulled.

21 on the other hand. After the steel deck, the process of inserting ropes with oblique straps will be changed. When the steel trestles which come by sea are now being lifted with the suspension ropes, not only the sloping ropes but also the ropes that will be attached to the main rope will start to be involved in the transportation of steel decks. Therefore, the last remaining 2 rope is 21. and 22. Suspension ropes will be connected at different stages according to the construction method.

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