Project is being developed to keep Palandoken Ski Center 12 moon open

The project is being developed to keep Palandöken Ski Center open for 12 months: Work is underway to continue the tourism activities of Palandöken Ski Center in Erzurum, where visitors come during the winter months, for 12 months.

Due to the Palandöken Ski Center, there is a large number of visitors in the winter months, and work is underway to continue the tourism activities for 12 months. Hasan Mazlumoğlu, Deputy Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism, stated that they aim to bring tourism to the forefront in the region, where the main source of income is agriculture and livestock.

Mazlumoğlu pointed out that the city hosted tens of thousands of tourists thanks to the Palandöken Ski Center during the winter months, and noted that the tourism activities reached its peak in 2011, organized by the World Universities Winter Games.

Mazlumoğlu, winter tourism is carried out important work by expressing that this year is hopeful that the winter season.

Turkey's other countries Mazlumoglu describing the changes developed by the foreign tourist profile from the parallel Palandöken Ski Center in association with, said: "Our foreign relations is good, with which countries it is possible to see in our region for visitors from countries. As of now, our Iranian guests are numerically more than other countries. Of course, we also take visits from different countries of the world, especially Russia and Germany. ”

Mazlumoğlu, winter tourism within the framework of the city center to integrate the mountain and tourism plans to spread to the moon 12 reported.

Pointing out that tourism should not only consist of winter tourism in Erzurum, Mazlumoğlu continued as follows:
“If we extend tourism activities to 12 months, winter tourism will not be a sine qua non in Erzurum. Erzurum is also very suitable for summer tourism in terms of its geography. If we spread tourism to 12 months, nature tourism will be possible in our highlands and other promenade areas in summer. For example, our Tortum Waterfall is an area that will contribute to tourism with its perfect view in summer. Also, Erzurum's kadayıf stuffed, cag kebab, cut soup and civil cheese are famous. If we bring these values ​​to tourism in real sense, we will spread tourism in Erzurum for 12 months. ”

Stating that the number of local visitors coming to Erzurum is at a satisfactory level, Mazlumoğlu added that Erzurum residents living outside the city are visiting touristic places in the city they come from within the framework of “tourism”.

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