Rail System Trabzona Must

Rail System is a must for Trabzon: One of the biggest problems of Trabzon, the transportation problem remains on the agenda.

The applications made to date have provided a certain degree of comfort to Trabzon transportation but failed to provide adequate solutions. The project, which will provide a great solution to this problem of Trabzon, is the light rail system that everyone agrees to start working as soon as possible.


Regarding the issue of TMMOB Chamber of Civil Engineers Trabzon Branch Chairman Mustafa Yaylalı said that one of the most important problems that arose as a result of the development and growth in Trabzon was urban transportation, and said, ada When the urban roads could not reach the speed of development, Kahramanmaraş Caddesi, the old coastal road, Yavuz Selim Bulvari (Tanjant), the new coastal road made, the construction of the Kanuni Boulevard (2. Tanjant) continues rapidly. The South Peripheral Highway or the highway, which we consider to be planned and constructed for our city, will be more suitable for transit travel. The construction of more and more comfortable roads, unfortunately, leads to a faster increase in both the number of private and public transport vehicles and, in parallel, more urban transportation problems. This is not only true for Trabzon, but also for cities of similar characteristics all over the world. Değil


Yaylalı, y Again, the urbanization of Trabzon in both east and west direction to be spread, especially after the metropolitan area of ​​the city center will be spread between Besikduzu - Of signals signals. Although the city will definitely be planned to the south, it will not be possible to prevent this linear development on the beach. This development, which started today and continues intensively, also increases the density of the coastal road that connects the districts, and the capacity of this road, which is said to be unnecessary by some circles, is being overcome in some parts today Bugün.


Mustafa Yaylalı added that the number of roads in the peak time was reduced in the new development plan. project works should be started and the construction should be carried out in stages. If it is thought that there may be a problem in financing; how such investments are made throughout our country is obvious. In terms of feasibility, 9. In the Development Plan (2008 - 2013), the desired number of passengers per hour at the 15.000 is 10. In the Development Plan (2014 - 2018), the desired number of passengers at peak hours was reduced to 10.000 for light rail systems. Trabzon, this number is taken into account the future development predictions are in a position to meet comfortably. Therefore, we believe that there will be no problems in the crediting of such a project. We would also like to emphasize that there will be no damages in the private sector, especially in the case of minibus tradesmen working in district centers and stations instead of transporting them in the east-west direction between districts in this project. We would also like to express our support and informative efforts in this regard without escaping from responsibility gil.


Expressing that they are always ready to contribute to the studies to be carried out in the plateau, planlama Trabzon Chamber of Civil Engineers, Trabzon Transportation Master Plan which includes the light rail system which we think should be started urgently and which should be carried out together with the upper scale planning works to be done within the scope of the metropolitan area and once again we are ready to contribute to such studies as we have been. Let's not forget that unless we solve the problem of transportation instead of producing point solutions, we will not be able to develop neither tourism, nor logistics, education, health, nor sport, nor trade, nor will we be able to develop in these areas. Unut

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