New Transport Network to Make Ankara an Important Center

The New Transport Network will Make Ankara an Important Center: AK Party Ankara 1. District of Baris Peace, Aydin, the construction of high-speed train (YHT) and highway networks and the historic Silk Road will be the main crossroads in the new transportation network will occur in Ankara, the world will become an important commercial and economic center reported.

Barış Aydın reminded that Ankara-Eskişehir, Ankara-Konya and Ankara-İstanbul High-Speed ​​Train lines are in operation and will be completed at 2017. Ankara-Izmir to be made between the YHT line of transportation time will fall to 2 hours, he said. Aydin will be carried out in stages under the BOT model and to reduce Turkey's two largest cities between the hours of 3,5 "Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train" project also stated that the start of the study. Stating that 1,5 will be connected by YHT network in the east-west and north-south axes and still under construction, Aydın emphasized that Ankara is located in the center of this network. Aydın emphasized that in Ankara, which is the center of YHT management, the Başkentray project will be integrated with suburban, subway and HVT lines.


Aydın, Ankara-based high-speed train core in the coming period will be connected with the YHT lines of the production centers and tourism cities of big cities along the Kars-Erzurum-Sivas-Ankara-Istanbul-Edirne, Samsun-Antalya, Samsun-Mersin-Iskenderun, Istanbul-Antalya transportation corridors. network will reach the 3.623 kilometer. Aydın emphasized that with the growth focus of big cities, these focal points will develop with the cities in the process of industrialization and the transportation opportunities between the regional shooting centers and the surrounding settlements will increase tremendously. Stressing that low-income regions will strengthen their connections to ports, metropolises and tourism regions, Aydın said that this would accelerate the commercial and economic development of the country, especially in Ankara.


Aydin, the center of high-speed train lines from Ankara to Central Asia pointed out that the train services to the inside. Stating that the historical Silk Road will be implemented until 2023, Aydın emphasized that these developments will contribute greatly to the development of Ankara's economic development and commercial life. Aydin, ın Ankara has a population of 5.2 million, but at the 1,5 hour flight distance to reach a population of 1,5 billion.Ankara, transportation easily, together with the surrounding cities will enter into a rapid development process.New transport network, Ankara, the main crossroads of industrialization and development dynamos and will also make it an important commercial and economic center in the world, din he said.


Aydin, ASO hosted by the Chairman of the Parliament and Chairman of the Parliament Cemil Cicek, attended by ATO and representatives of various NGOs and institutions attended the meeting, the number of direct flights from Ankara to the 2 expedition to the 9 expedition to be reached in total, he said. Noting that this issue will increase further in the future, Aydın said that the solution to this problem, which is damaging to the economy of Ankara, will eliminate the problems of the business world in Ankara.


Aydin, Ankara-east-west and north-south directions of the road transportation lines are located at the intersection point and the new highway will be strengthened with this position will be further strengthened. Ankara-Kırıkkale-Delice Highways will be completed with the Ankara-Niğde Motorway and Aydın will be completed by 2023.

Ankara stated that the registration of new transport network with Turkey's economic development focus Aydin, said:

"Turkey's west to east, north to south; high-speed train arises extremely rapid and strong transport infrastructure and highways and airlines. In the new transportation network in which Ankara is located, the functional ties of the metropolises connected with each other with the means of fast transportation are constructed in a sustainable manner. The same transport network in Ankara and Turkey 1.5 billion a population; connects Central Asian countries in the process of rapid development. This powerful and integrated transport system will make Ankara, the center, the main crossroads of traffic in economic and commercial activities and demographic movements. This rapid development in the transportation infrastructure will make Ankara the heart of the economy. Ulaşım

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