Kastamonu Municipality has started 9 million TL ropeway project

Kastamonu Municipality started the 9 million TL ropeway project: The 9 million TL investment projects of the cable car project connecting Kastamonu Municipality, Seyrahgan Hill, Kastamonu Castle and Clock Tower were started.
Kastamonu Mayor Tahsin Father, who gave information about the details of the project, explained the details of the project at a press conference at Seyrangah Hill. Explaining that the ropeway line that will link Kastamonu Castle, Clock Tower and Seyrangah Hill to the end of next year is expected to be completed by the end of next year, Tahsin Babaş stated that they have allocated a budget of 9 million TL and this budget is a serious investment as a municipality.
30 Mart Local Administrations Before the elections announced that the projects were realized one by one, Tahsin Father, said they said that the infrastructure of such projects since the 1 year has been prepared and brought to the tender stage. Tahsin Babaş said that they started the construction of the Seymangah Hill, Kastamonu Castle and the Clock Tower and the 1 kilometer cable car line connecting them together. Kilomet At Seyrangah Hill, there will be wooden buildings where only the regional products will be sold and the districts will be introduced. We will design all of the buildings on wood. At Seyrahgah Hill will be a restaurant with a thousand square meters of 200. We will do some landscaping near the restaurant. So Seyrangah Hill will be completely transformed into tourism. It'il be a living space. Seyrangah Hill in the region of the cable car project will be a leg. It will be dismal and spacious. Our citizens, will come to queue to provide food for the guests who came to him, Vat he said.
Reminding that every stage of the project has been thought out to the finest details and that the guests coming to Kastamonu Castle can see all their needs, Tahsin Babaş said, “In addition, he will be able to pass from the Castle to the Clock Tower and spend time here with his guests in the cafeteria. sohbet they will be able to. The length of the cable car from Seyrangah Hill to the Clock Tower will be 1 kilometer. That's why we are building a 1000-meter cable car line. In addition, a person coming to the Clock Tower will be able to come to Seyrangah Hill using the cable car line and spend time here. He also said that golf vehicles can reach Kastamonu Castle from Seyrangah Hill.
In the scope of Seyrangah Hill project, they are planning a new arrangement for the Clock Tower. Tahsin Babaş said, düzenleme So we are going to a new arrangement from the Clock Tower. We lift the tent in the area where the Clock Tower is. We're going to bring a new arrangement to the Clock Tower and bring it to a more decent place. In particular, the tent tower on the lower side of the Clock Tower, more aesthetic, with a folding roof, steel construction, the Supreme Council of Monuments are passed the approval of a regulation. We also had a toilet problem in Kastamonu Kalemiz and the Clock Tower. We solve this problem with these projects we prepared Ayrıca.
After connecting Kastamonu Castle and Clock Tower with the cable car line, Tahsin Babaş stated that there will be a new project to go to Kastamonu Castle and Clock Tower with golf vehicles, ik We will set routes for this. Meanwhile, Kastamonu Kalemiz is transferred to our municipality. Therefore, we undertook the restoration of Kalemiz's as a municipality. We have also mentioned that our governor will give financial support to our municipality in the restoration of Kalemiz. I hope that we will realize these projects one by one together. The total cost of the Kastamonu Castle, the Clock Tower and the ropeway line is around 9 million TL. All of these projects are planned to be completed by the end of next year. Seyrangah Hill and the Clock Tower will make serious landscaping. In addition, the projects we do, the historic mansions and the streets are addressed one by one, he said.
Saying that they expect the Seyrangah Hill project to be completed within the 1 year, Tahsin Babaş said that the Kastamonu Fortress, the Clock Tower and Seyrangah Hill projects, including the cable car line, will be completed by the end of next year. We're not talking empty, talking about what we're talking about. Some of the projects have been entered in books, declared in election declarations, but no steps have been taken so far at the construction site Bazı
After informing about the project, Tahsin Babaş, Deputy Mayor Ahmet Sevgilioğlu and the unit managers together, in the vicinity of the project by examining, also studied the work carried out by the municipality.

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