Afyon Castle Cable Car Project Ready

Afyon Cable Car Project
Afyon Cable Car Project

Afyon Castle cable car project is ready: Mayor Burhanettin Çoban; announced that they were preparing a cable car project for Afyon Castle, which was raised due to the cost of building an elevator in the last period. Afyonkarahisar Municipality, City Square will extend to the historic Afyon Castle cable car project has made great progress. Mayor Burhanettin Çoban; announced that the construction of a cable car to the Afyon Castle, which was raised due to the cost of the elevator, was canceled.

President Burhanettin Coban; Iler We were the first, did not look hot to the lift, they told us to make an elevator. If you remember the last period of the newspaper 'I gave the bride here to the elevator project,' he. Companies from Italy, Switzerland and our country came. We have seen that the 60-65 is going to cost TL million. To give such a figure of course luxury for Afyon and unnecessary. We went to the board and sent us this cost-related situation, they gave us the right. On top of that, they said, 'Make a ropeway project.' We made this project. We would like to have a ropeway station from our city square and from there people can ride to the castle. In turn, the board says, ad Get here from Erdal Akar Park al So we could not agree with the board. The ropeway experts tell us this; . Anywhere in the world if the cable car can not be reached at any moment is not in high demand. M So if we do this from the square once rides, as you want to ride again occurs. But once you go to Erdal Akar Park, you may not go again. That's why we insist in that direction, ım he said.

Afyon City Square Project

President Çoban stated that two weeks ago, a meeting was held with the General Manager of the Cultural Properties and Museums in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Ler The General Manager said that he was looking at this issue hotly and he would send the appropriate opinion to Eskişehir to build a ropeway. If we can make a decision on the board this month. In April, we aim to complete this work in the next year. This work will be included in the Square Project, which is why the project is waiting for the challenge. However, this study is not very simple, for example some poles are located near the top of the castle and there are helicopters. We will make a cable car which will be the subject of Discovery channels in Afyon. Afyon Mayor Burhanettin Coban, the street and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the project of street rehabilitation sent to our province with the old neighborhoods will be revamped.

Mayor Burhanettin Çoban; Afyonkarahisar Governorate and Afyonkarahisar Municipality provided information on street rehabilitation activities. President Shepherd, who especially thanked Sare Davutoglu, the wife of our previous Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, in the field of street rehabilitation; “Mrs. Sare; When he came to our province for the AK Party camp, he toured the neighborhoods. We have already finished the relay and restoration projects of all our streets in the last period. Ms. Sare immediately called our Prime Minister and Prime Minister gave instructions to the Minister of Culture and Tourism and 9,5 million pounds were sent for restoration on behalf of our Special Administration. A protocol was signed between the Municipality, the Governorate and the Ministry of Culture. In Eskişehir, it will make a tender for the Survey Board and about 10 million pounds will be spent in that region. I think the 70 of our old quarters will be restored with this money, and we will do the rest, I hope. Bence

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