There is SOS Hut in Konak Tunnel, No Phone

There is a SOS Hut in the Konak Tunnel, No Phone: In the Konak Tunnel in Izmir, opened by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, although there is an SOS emergency telephone box, there is no handset inside.
Citizens reacted to the tunnel opening and no emergency telephones without a pedestrian overpass. Within the emergency communication gaps in the tunnel with the text "SOS" and a telephone symbol, there is only the club, but there is no telephone yet. The greater danger is due to the lack of overpasses. The turmoil about not building the pedestrian overpass continues in the Konak Tunnel, which opened on 24 May 2015. Pedestrians trying to cross the cars passing through the tunnel endanger the traffic and themselves. If they want to get off the buses and go to Konak Square and Kemeraltı or vice versa, they try to pass through the places they find open due to the closure of the central median with a wire fence. Traffic police are waiting at these points to prevent pedestrians from passing through the section at the mouth of Konak Tunnel.
After the Konak Tunnel was opened for transportation, the pedestrian crossing was removed. Pedestrians were advised to use the subway underpass until the overpass was completed. Meeting with the Sit Board, which also presented the overpass project to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the Highways Regional Directorate said that it would end in September at the latest. The 42 meter long and 6 meter wide overpass will carry stainless steel suspension ropes. In the overpass, there will be four escalators, two normal stairs and two lifts for the disabled.
In the statement made by the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers, it was said: “It is vital to communicate with the inside of the tunnel and display the inside of the tunnel in an extraordinary situation. It is the only tool in terms of communication. Care should be taken to ensure that the distances between emergency call phones are not more than 250 meters as foreseen in general world standards and if possible, these phones should be installed in phone cabinets carved into the right wall of the soundproofed tunnel. On the other hand, it is very important where the emergency call from an emergency call station comes from and this situation is transferred to the control center home screen by the nearest CCTV camera. When installing the CCTV system, the tunnel should be completely covered by the camera. Traffic control systems, variable message signs and variable traffic signs, which inform drivers about how, in what way and from which lane they should watch, both in the tunnel and in the tunnel approaches and entrances, constitute a very important part of today's tunnel systems. Tunnel automation and control system and SCADA applications are systems that manage tunnel systems that interact with each other within a certain logic. Therefore, the main function of an automation system is not only to open and close the systems remotely, but to operate. Automation and SCADA systems installed in tunnels should determine where the fire started in the event of a fire and put in place the required scenario for the fire situation. For example, it should automatically take the lighting to the emergency level, close the tunnel entrances, create the correct alarms at the control center, focus the CCTV system on the event point, and activate the local public authorities such as fire brigades, police, ambulances by activating the communication and public announcement systems within the tunnel. ”

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 17:32

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