Bosphorus Bridge Closed, Bus Line Changed

📩 21/12/2018 17:19

Boğazköprü Closed, Bus Line Changed: A new route was determined for public transportation vehicles due to the closure of the traffic due to the renovation works of the Boğazköprü Regional Directorate of Highways. In this context, public transportation vehicles that use Boğazköprü to go to İncesu and Himmetdede will head towards the Northern Ring Road.
The municipal and public buses that pass through Boğazköprü will not be able to use this road for a while to go to the directions of Badr Bağları, Ebiç, Dadağı, Garipçe, Viranşehir, Himmetdede, Düver, İncesu, Kızılören, Mahzemin and Süksün. During the renovation works initiated by the Highways in Boğazköprü, the route of public transportation vehicles that will go to the mentioned routes; It was taken from Toyota Plaza in the direction of Kuzeyçevreyolu-Ankara.


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