3. 11 is put on a steel deck

  1. 11 was put on a steel deck in the bridge: 3 was assembled from the 59 steel deck in the 11 Bridge Project.

In the ongoing 3 Bridge and North Marmara Motorway, a steel deck is being placed on the bridge and the assembly is in progress. The installation of the 59 from the 11 steel deck was completed on the ongoing bridge.

The height of the 59 steel deck is 5.5. On the European side of the 3, on the Asian side of the bridge with 2 pieces of steel, the new steel decks were brought to the construction site by sea. The decks were landed with a thousand 800 tons of floating floating cranes. A thousand tons of lifting capacity 'Derrick Crane' was placed in place by the crane. As a result of the works, 11 was installed in the steel deck and assembled.
Thousands of people working in the work of the 500 steel plate from South Korea is made ready for panel production in the factory located in Gebze. Then, in the factory in Tuzla, after switching to panel production, steel decks are shipped to Yalova Altınova to be built.

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