UTİKAD was launched for problems in warehouses

UTİKAD Launched for Warehousing Problems: 2 The Customs Regulation, which came into force in December, increased the collateral amounts and the introduction of new camera systems in the warehouses, leaving the warehouse operators in a difficult position to face a large amount of additional costs. The Association of International Transport and Logistics Service Producers continues their efforts to solve the problems.

UTİKAD Board Member and Customs and Warehouse Working Group President Ahmet Dilik, Customs and Warehouse Working Group member Ali Bozkurt and UTİKAD General Manager Cavit Uğur visited Ankara to discuss the problems faced in the warehousing business after the regulation change.

UTİKAD Delegation first visited Avni Ertaş, General Director of Liquidation Services of the Ministry of Customs and Trade in his office.

One of the problems faced by the warehouse operators after the 02 regulation change in December is the subject of X cameras An. In the previous years, with the necessity of renewing the cameras and image storage systems in the warehouses, the last change was faced with the renewal of the camera again.

Yet a few years past the renewal of camera and image storage systems brings a very high additional cost to the sector expressed the UTIKAD delegation began to renewal operations, but not yet completed the warehouse operators to be given additional time to be recognized and allowed access to the warehouse within this period passed.

Ecek Additional Period for Businesses to Renew System ”

Avni Ertaş, General Director of Liquidation Services of the Ministry of Customs and Trade said that the warehouse operators who have initiated the process for the installation of the camera system will be given additional periods on a quarterly basis and that even if the camera installation process has not been completed, it will be allowed to access the warehouse if the transactions are continuing.

UTIKAD delegation also for a long period of time in the warehouse with the goods subject to the liquidation of the goods to be terminated by means of the goods can not be removed from the warehouse, because of these items kept by the administration of the 75.000 requested the release of the old collateral.

Afterwards, UTIKAD delegation, who visited the Department of Antrepo and Free Zones in his office, expressed the problems in the system related to the use of collateral and the problems encountered in the applications in the warehouses.

Eski 75.000 Old Collaterals Should Be Returned “

According to the new system, the warehouse operators have given the fixed guarantee amounting to Euro 100.000, but the security of the 75.000 Euro issued by the old system is still being maintained by the administration. Completion of the transactions of liquidation goods; In addition, despite the fact that all the transactions were finished and the goods were withdrawn from the warehouse, some of the declarations that were left open in the system were closed and they were requested to return the existing 75.000 Euro collateral. It was stated that the procedures for the closure of open declarations could be made in place by the customs administration officers who were assigned to the warehouses again.

The UICAD Delegation shall be able to return the guarantee not for all the goods after the withdrawal of the goods; to prevent the use of defined guarantees by different warehouse operators in the entry of declarations to others; In order to prevent misrepresentation of the collateral ratios, it was able to make automatic rate assignment in the Wise system sensitive to the GTIP number and to ensure that the security movements were monitored on the system. Antrepo and Free Zones Department Head Önder Göçmen said that they will take into consideration the issues and demands raised during the visit.

Following the visits and submitting their requests to the Customs and Trade Ministry and the customs administration units in writing, UTIKAD is waiting for the support of the administration to solve the problems.

Also 2 2014 of the customs regulation with the amendment dated December 78. substance added to a paragraph of containers filled with Turkey brought by sea to the Customs Territory temporary storage location to be marine port not connected to, is not expected to be adopted by the Ministry allowed Except as required.

As a result of this change, the fact that the container cannot be removed to the temporary storage areas where the activities are allowed to be made by the Ministry, will cause the port areas to be stuck, the existing temporary storage places will be left idle and the ports will not be used efficiently. As a matter of fact, after the start of this application, especially in the terminals of Ambarlı ports, which have heavy container traffic, the problems of tight delivery and late delivery of the goods to the buyers have started to be experienced.

For this reason, UTIKAD will continue its initiatives in the Ministry and the related units in order to cancel the attached paragraph and to allow the collection of containers to the temporary storage areas due to the same customs administration from the congested ports.

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