Skiing in Aladag

konyaderbent aladag
konyaderbent aladag

The number of people who enjoy skiing in Aladağ at the borders of Derbent, which is preparing to become a Winter Sports Center in Konya in the near future, is increasing day by day.

In Aladağ, which has a height of 2 meters, the presence of approximately 385 meter of snow cover after a winter period with snow abundance increases the interest of ski lovers in Aladağ. Especially on weekends, families who flock to the slopes of Aladağ, whose summit is covered with snow, both enjoy barbecue and enjoy skiing on nylon with the basins and sleds they ride.

Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar stated in his statement that the interest in Aladağ started to increase even more after the tourism road opened to climb Aladağ, which was started to be a ski resort and the social facility they established in the region, “I am 55 years old. We learned to ski with 2-3 days ski lessons. As you can see now, we ski with our very nice ski sets, ”he said.

Stating that the region started to be an area of ​​interest and attraction even before facilities were built for the ski center in the region, Acar said, “There is no facility here, no compressed snow. Those who come here enjoy skiing in its natural environment. Skiing is a sport that people from seven to seventy can do. Especially children love it very much, grandmother, grandfather, mother, father and grandchild, children all do this sport. "Even if the person who climbs the mountain is 70 years old, he can become a child by skiing.

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