President of TMMO Kocaeli Branch made a statement about Izmit tram project

Explanation about Izmit tram project from TMMO Kocaeli Branch: Mechanical Engineers Kocaeli Branch President Ünal Özmural, who made a statement about tram project, said, Makine In fact, when looking from İzmit transportation, the historical opportunity was lost during Erenkaya period. TM
With the new decision taken by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, he will be able to carry out administrative and financial audits in the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB). In addition, TMMOB will receive permission for a trade fair abroad. For the tram project to be operated by the Metropolitan Municipality's Otogar and Seka Park, the first digging will be laid at 180 and finished at 2015 for the tram project to be costed to 2016 million TL. Answering our questions about these two issues, Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Kocaeli Branch Chairman Ünal Özmural made hard statements.
Özmural, who will make a statement about the tram project to be costed to 180 million TL, will work between the Metropolitan Municipality and Seka Park, said UM On the basis of the transportation in Izmit, the historical opportunity was lost during Erenkaya period. The rail system removed from Izmit was transformed into a rail system with a simple modification and the system was disassembled and turned into a walkway. In this way the historic opportunity was hijacked. They do so because they make such promises in election policies. If the current output of the sinking still does not solve the traffic problem here, this will not solve the traffic problem. The reason for turning Izmit into a logistics center. Since all the transportation of the logistics center is done within the city center of Kocaeli, this project will not solve the traffic problem of Izmit. Lojistik
Derince Port has become one of Turkey's most important port Özmural said, "However deep the majority of the items are made by sea to the port city of Izmit domestic traffic. In the developed countries all over the world, while sea and rail is being distributed, we are not using sea and rail. There is no answer to how to make domestic and international transportation in Derince Port and its surrounding ports. The people of Kocaeli were sentenced to truck traffic. When Izmit, Kocaeli traffic is examined, you will see that the biggest density is from truck traffic. İzmit
Özmural, who said that since the 2011 year of the current railroad passing through Izmit was the victim of the Kocaeli people, he said, ural 2015 will start at the same time but 4 had to use the road for years. The rail system serving the 130 years between Istanbul and Anatolia has now become impossible to serve. The understanding of railways did not go beyond the concept of high-speed train. The railway understanding throughout the country, "railway policies unfortunately have been sacrificed to highways," he said.
Özmural that some quantitative data on the subject, "the rate of railway freight transport in Turkey does not pass even the 1 percent. 6 thousand people on the road every year on the road are losing, 100 thousand over injured. The risk of death on railways is statistically one billion passengers per 17 per kilometer. 140 people on highways. On the railways, the 17,7 lane on the highway can be supplied by the 6 lane on the highway. In order to do this job on highways you have to use more land than 2.7. As energy, 1 unit energy is used in railways and 3 and 5 unit energy is required in 2 unit airway. In freight transportation, 1 unit energy is needed on the railway while 3 unit energy is required in freight transportation. All these data when all the world rail transport and rail freight transport and the importance given to the sea, to be monitored in Turkey transport and road transport policy is based on the betrayal of this country, "he said.

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