Hakkari Ski Resort

📩 24/11/2018 14:01

Hakkari ski home: Completed construction of the ski house in Hakkari.

Inda Ski House Project ı funded under the â Hakkâri Tourism Restoration Project Restor presented to the Eastern Anatolia Development Agency (DAKA) in 2014 in Hakkari was completed. 2010 12 2800 in the distance from the 4 altitude Merga Bütan Plateau opened in the ski resort, Hakkâri Governorate by the 2014 2 date of the construction of the ski house on the date of the work began. As a result of the 900 monthly work carried out by the Special Provincial Administration, the length of the 1100 meter of the ski run was extended to 50 meters and the 200 meter was extended with XNUMX. In addition to the studies carried out in the ski center, sports fans will be given a healthier service.

The construction of the completed ski house will be made on 11 January 2015 with the torch show of the skiers, the show of rafting boats, the paragliding, folk dances show and the live music feast.