Erciyes skiing to the ski resort

Erciyes ski center flock to: Erciyes Ski Center with the holiday period began to flock to domestic and foreign tourists. Mehmet Eğlenceoğlu, one of the owners of the ski resort, made statements and evaluated the intensity experienced with the semester breaks.

Erciyes Ski Center with the break of a large visitor with the semester breaks took place. The introduction of school holiday break tourists who flock to Turkey's Erciyes Ski Center from many provinces have expressed they were very satisfied. The fact that the weather is quite beautiful and the rate of snow on the tracks is sufficient, both the operators and the tourists come to enjoy the skiing. Erciyes'de built a complete social life area, except skiing was not seen. The visitors were also pleased to have thought of everything so that the incoming tourists could be comfortable. For the time being, the hotels in Erciyes, as well as in the city center in Kayseri near the occupancy limit, said.

Mehmet Eğlenceoğlu, the owner of the company evaluating the intensity of the Mount Erciyes, made special statements. Erciyes Tourism Co. every evening snotrac track and crush the tracks, and they break up. They have taken precautions against all other adversities against icing. Our snow teams work fine. Visitors are satisfied with the situation and the service provided. Seeing visitors happy makes us happy. With the investments, interest in Erciyes has increased considerably. Turkey's best track and best conditions Erciyes also available. Even in hotels in the center, the occupancy rate is still good. Erciyes is especially full at weekends. With the families who brought their children on holiday, Erciyes became a nursery. We have guests from the city center and the surrounding cities. They all feel quite happy here. This year Erciyes was very colorful, we have visitors from all over the world. We have visitors from the far east, from Russia, from Western Europe, from Africa, from America. Even though our visitors are not enough, we have a really good audience. I hope this will continue to increase even more, Um he said.

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