Railroad comedy

Combat of the railroads: Bureaucrats "mouth is broken," he said. Bureaucrats "mouth is broken," he said was fired.
17 "Plug-in works" started in public institutions following the December corruption operation led to events that sometimes did not call for comedy films. One of these events took place in the ları General Directorate of Railways ”which is among the favorite institutions of the AKP. A large number of senior bureaucrats working in the General Directorate of the AKP government and the AKP that consists of people who belong to the cosmic study team, the AKP before the appointed bureaucrats, "negative", "negative", "passive", "dismissal of the benefit Ekt drew attention to the deduction of such notes.
In the framework of the m tagging work Kamu in public institutions, it was aimed to identify the bureaucrats who supported the Gezi Park protests, the opposition parties and the bureaucrats who were members of the community. In this, in all public institutions, a ”fully bureaucrats kamu commission was created to the AKP.
The secret commissions prepare special notes for senior bureaucrats and deliver them to the consultants who are involved in this work. During these studies, interesting events took place. The first of these is the plug-in at the General Directorate of State Railways. The labeling team of the Cosmic Working Group, commissioned by the Railways, carried out a ında plug-in, study on 37 senior bureaucrats, consisting of deputy general managers, consultants, department heads and regional managers. In the study, it was determined that the 37 bureaucrat's 30 was made up of people appointed during the AKP period and supported the AKP. It was also determined that the bureaucrats, who were appointed before the AKP period, consisted of persons who were described as ini opinions d who were not very much voiced.
Regarding the "bribery list" of the rail bureaucrats, a negative opinion was reported on the seven bureaucrats. However, there are no details about why this negative opinion is caused. Only, some bureaucrats, "mouth is broken," in some "passive", "dismissal of benefits," such as the draw was noted. For example, M.Ç. For the AG,, negative, unqualified, absolutely must go, for AG, within the AG, ”his mouth and himself is corrupt, definitely should go“ was made.
For the bureaucrats known for their proximity to the AKP, the character of the “people of the community lar was made. Negative views have been stated in the list of people who are in this scope. For some bureaucrats, için people of the community, but unqualified için comments were made. The said list will be based on dismissals. However, it is not yet clear which bureaucrats will be dismissed from the list. For example, it was noted that only one of the three bureaucrats, who still serve as deputy general managers, had a positive opinion.



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