The road and the railway were closed, he was asked to punish 8 year

8 year of the road and the railway is closed because the penalty was asked: In Eskişehir, protesting against the killing of Ahmet Atakan 110 the person who filed a "pirate" action against the prosecutor who filed a lawsuit for the allegation of the charges ranging from 1 to 8 up to the year demanded.
Eskişehir Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, in the case of 110 people protesting the killing of ahmet atakan in Hatay, accused of ”demonstrating and marching against the law una, as well as the ahmet abduction or detention of means of transportation için in the Turkish Penal Code (TCK). also wanted to be punished. The prosecutor's office, the vehicle traffic, closing the level of crossing the railway traffic allegedly prevented the emin extra Sav imprisonment was requested.
Among the 110 people who were prosecuted for the crimes of the Turkish Criminal Code (TPC), and who were mostly students, Erdal Caferoğlu, Deputy Mayor of Odunpazarı from the Republican People's Party (CHP), Assoc. Yasemin Özgün, education You are the former provincial chairman Ali Paşahanlı, HDP Co-Mayor Ahmet Uluçelebi also took part.
Eskisehir public prosecutor Aydin Tekin, 10 September 2013, Hatay killed during the Gezi protests and still not revealed the perpetrators of the death of Ahmet Atakan in order to protest the death of the investigation completed. In his indictment, prosecutor Tekin claimed that a group of about 300 people marched the roads completely into vehicle traffic and blocked the passage of vehicles from University Street to Cengiz Topel Street, stopping the high-speed train and freight train sitting on the railroad and lying down.
No crime, no victims
Despite the allegation that the prosecutor Tekin wounded some citizens, the identity of the people injured in the indictment and the fact that they were not asked to be punished for this crime were also noteworthy.
Tekin, about the 34 person with these allegations, 'Opposition to the Laws of Meetings and Demonstrations, to prevent vehicle and rail traffic UM from 4,5 to 11 year, 39 about 2,5 person demiryolu 6 asked for imprisonment for 37 years until 3,5 and 8 about XNUMX.
'Go straight to jail'
Prosecutor Tekin, previously suspected of similar crimes for their allegations OK, CK, G.Ç., ES, DBE, CE, FS and G.Ş. about the suç recurrence in crime and special dangerous criminals X by 58. demanded to be applied separately. Accordingly, these suspects, if convicted, the penalty will not be postponed or cashed. They will be subject to probation provisions within the period of probation, even after serving a prison sentence.
Eskişehir Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate of the people who filed a lawsuit on the basis of the Law on Misdemeanors, göster to close the path Kab with the allegation of the 343'er was fined.
The action is not peaceful!
Tekin, who stated that the suspects were identified according to the report prepared by following the images, said: ve The suspects blocked the passage of all the vehicles on the walking route during the demonstration and closed the high speed train's way for about 5 hours and caused the train stops to stop completely and caused the passengers to be stopped. As such, their actions do not have a peaceful purpose. The suspects have repeatedly used violence against the citizens who intervened, and turned off public roads and railways for long periods of time and caused people to suffer. They did not even allow the passage of an ambulance carrying a patient. For these reasons their actions are not within the scope of freedom of assembly and association and constitute a crime. Bu

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