Yenimahallede Target 100 Thousand Ton Asphalt Paving

Yenimahallede Target 100 Thousand Ton Asphalt Layer: Yenimahalle Mayor Fethi Yasar, 2014 year asphalt program at the end of the first 5 month 21 thousand 835 tons of asphalt pavement throughout the district, the end of the season until the end of the season will reach the goal of 100 thousand tons reported. Teams that have been forced to work due to rainfall in recent days will continue as soon as they stop after rainstorms stop.
Directorate of Science Affairs teams, working all day in the district. Since January; Yenimahalle Center, Batıkent, Demet, Gazi neighborhood, Ozevler and Şentepe are running a feverish work. While the 21 bin 835 tons of asphalt pavement has been done so far throughout the district, the new 69 bin 332 square was opened. In addition 30 thousand 354 meter curb teams, 15 bin 793 square also put the keystone.
Every year 100 annually 5 thousand tons of 500 thousand tons of asphalt targets stated that they have set a target. Not only in certain neighborhoods, but in every district of Yenimahalle where the construction is completed, he said.
Asif, Ergenekon, Turgut Ozal, Demet and Yenimahalle Center, asphalt and pavement renovation works are continuing, the border, trenchet, retaining wall studies that focus on the Yenimahalle Municipality, 300 thousand square meters by the end of the year road maintenance, 90 thousand meters border and 130 bin It aims to realize square meter construction. Due to the precipitation of rainfall in the last days, the teams who have been forced to work because of the rain, will continue their work after the rainfall stops.

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