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Embarq turkey
Embarq turkey

EMBARQ Turkey Kocaeli Solutions Project: Kocaeli, Mediterranean Pilot şehirseçil to renew its Transportation System by the Council of Europe. Council of Europe 7. The Program SOLUTIONS - Opportunities for Low Carbon Urban Transportation ”project, developed within the framework of the Framework Program, was developed to provide information sharing among selected cities on innovative and environmentally friendly transportation solutions and to support their implementation in selected cities. The development of the project will be supported 6 pilot city has been announced. Latin America, Asia and the Mediterranean region in Turkey has applied to projects covering many cities. Kocaeli was the only city chosen as a pilot city in the Mediterranean region. Other cities in the same category; Kochi (India), Leon (Mexico), Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Guiyang (China). SOLUTIONS project partner, Sustainable Transport Association - EMBARQ Kocaeli, Turkey will provide support throughout the project, to be coached.


24, 25 The project will start in 2014 on April XNUMX in Barcelona, ​​Spain and will last for two years. During the workshop, the pilot cities will meet with the stakeholder institutions that will co-operate during the project and the guide cities that have implemented successful transportation solutions. Both from Turkey in projects that apply to many countries in the European Region of the Mediterranean by the European Council as a pilot city of Kocaeli selected. Projects throughout the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality specialized institutions will work together with the Sustainable Transport Association - was EMBARQ Turkey. EMBARQ Turkey, Kocaeli will do a feasibility study of existing transportation systems, environmentally friendly, innovative solutions that will support their goal to identify and assess the applicability of Kocaeli solutions.

road safety in the Metrobus line, accessibility analysis, effective use of the common living area, pedestrianization projects, social as integrated public transport solutions and cycling routes, environmentally and economically sustainable transport solutions, specializing in work EMBARQ Turkey, SOLUTIONS Project is a Kocaeli, coaching and literally During the Acak success story hedef will contribute to the goal of making.

Sustainable Transport Association - Director of EMBARQ Turkey Arzu Tabby: "We performed analyzes for Kocaeli'ninmevcut system throughout the project. In the light of these data, we will help Kocaeli to determine the change targets. As a partner of SOLUTIONS Project, we will contribute to the sharing of successful project examples by carrying out joint activities with other selected cities. In addition, we will support the proper arrangement of the proposed solution proposals in Kocaeli. many cities of the Mediterranean Region in Kocaeli who managed to pilot the city selected applicants to take part in the project by performing an intensive cooperation throughout the project we share the goal of making a success story sampled in the world both in Turkey. "he said. Cities and guidance institutions identified in the scope of the project:

Mediterranean Pilot City:

  1. • Kocaeli, Turkey - EMBARQ türkiyelat America and Asia Pilot Cities:
  2. • Belo Horizonte, Brazil - EMBARQ Brazil
  3. • Leon, Mexico - EMBARQ Mexico
  4. • Guiyang, China - CATS
  5. • Kochi, India - ICLEI SA

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