Goodyear Signed a First in the Sector

Goodyear Signed a Principle in the Sector: Goodyear's Izmit Factory took the İlke ISO 50001 Energy Management Certificate ear and was the first in rubber and rubber industry.
Goodyear's Izmit Plant is the first production facility of the rubber and rubber industry, which has been awarded the ISO 50001 Energy Management Certificate by BSI, one of the world's leading companies providing business services on product testing, certification and standards.
With this certificate, Goodyear will see the energy consumption more clearly, and will enable more efficient use of the processes within it and identify opportunities for improvement.
Ini The simplest method of eliminating energy losses and increasing costs is to reduce energy consumption yok. Goodyear, which is certified by BSI as iyi ISO 50001 Energy Management Certificate ini, uses energy in a systematic and efficient manner.
Goodyear demonstrates its success in energy management as a result of self-sacrificing efforts with its Energy Team and other support departments. With the certification of energy management experts from more than 60 countries, Goodyear has reduced both energy savings and GHG emissions to a minimum.
Goodyear İzmit Factory Production Director Güven Logoğlu stated that they are happy to have obtained ISO 50001 Certificate, breaking new ground in the sector as Goodyear. Logoğlu: “As the first factory in Turkey to receive the Environmental Management Certificate in 1994, now it is entitled to receive the ISO 50001 certificate as a result of the inspection carried out by the BSI company. kazansteep. This certificate has been an important proof of the responsibility and determination of the Goodyear Izmit factory in protecting the environment and using natural resources in the most efficient way. I congratulate the Goodyear Izmit Factory employees for this success and thank all my teammates for their efforts.”

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