Tram stops stopped

Tram stops stopped: the forgotten bag at Sultanahmet Tram Stop caused a bomb panic. Stationery material was removed from the bag detonated by the expert team. Due to the suspicious bag, tram stops were stopped for a while.
Citizens and security officials who saw that there was a bagless bag at Sultanahmet Tram Stop reported the situation to the police. Fatih district Police Department Preventive Services to the address in question the Office of the Preventive Explosive bag in case of explosives were emptied. Tram stops were also stopped when the stop was closed by the safety lane. Called to the scene, the Bomb Disposal and Inspection Team examined the bag wearing special clothes. Bomb expert, the rope is attached to the road bag put a detonator. The warning was annulled with a detonator detonated in a controlled manner.
The bag was made of stationery, such as notebooks, pencils and books. The safety strip was removed after required checks. Tram services also returned to normal. Despite the warnings of the police from the scene of the citizens and mobile phones, trying to get away from the scene drew attention.

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