Forgotten Bag Panic in Constanta Railway Station

The forgotten handbag in the Romanian train station caused panic: the forgotten bag in panic in the Constanta district of Romania caused panic. Evacuated garda, bomb disposal teams detonated the bag with the fuse
Forgotten baggage around the station in Constanta in Romania, forgotten bag. Bomb squads from the evacuated grenade detonated the bag with a detonator. When the dress came out of the bag, everyone took a deep breath.
While the terrorist attacks in Brussels echoed, the bagged baggage in the coastal city of Constanta on the Black Sea side of Romania caused panic. In the incident in the morning, the suspected bag was reported to the police forces. The lane was emptied and the safety strip withdrew. Dressed out of the bag exploded in the controlled experts.
Constanta police chief Tudorel Dogaru has announced that the 3 bag has been forgotten by the owners. After the incident was understood, the gar was opened again.

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