At the Avcılar metrobus stop, a thermos came out of suspicious packaging

Avcılar metrobus stop at the thermos out of suspicious package: Istanbul Avcılar metrobus stop, due to suspicious package was closed to the passenger entrance for a while. A broken thermos came out of the suspicious package the police checked.

At the metrobus stop in Avcılar, a broken thermos came out of the suspicious package checked by the police.

The police took the security measures around the metrobus stop on suspicious packet notifications of the citizens and removed the passengers from the station.

On the way to the top of the crossing of the security band of the teams that provide the transportation of the metrobuses at the stop without waiting for the Avcılar station continued.

Checked by the bomb disposal experts at the scene of the suspect package was understood to be a broken thermos. The stop was re-opened to the passenger entrance.

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