Marmaray and High Speed ​​Train fail to digest

📩 29/11/2018 18:01

Marmaray and the High Speed ​​Train do not digest: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Dolmabahce'de Prime Minister's Office of Labor yesterday evening with Prime Minister Ali Zeydan Libya and the accompanying delegation talked about 3 hour. Prime Minister Erdogan said that the joint press conference in Turkey who can not tolerate the unity and togetherness said:
Dı Our 31 contractor returned to Libya and resumed work. We wish 31, 131, 200 contractor to operate, not 300. The system sits slowly but there are those who cannot digest the unity of Libya. The same goes for our country. There are those who cannot tolerate the unity of our country. There are those who can not digest these investments with the steps taken. 100 million year capacity in Turkey have hazmedemeyenler to be an airport. There are those who cannot digest the third bridge. Those who cannot digest Marmaray's, there are those who cannot digest a tube passage through a new strait. There are those who cannot tolerate High Speed ​​Train. All this I believe is the most important obstacles in front of the Muslim countries and unfortunately those who do not want to brake this process unfortunately. But we have to overcome them and we will surpass them. With our union, our unity and solidarity. Bir
First writers then Feyzioğlu
Prime Minister Erdogan's house in front of Kısıklı'de yesterday morning to live hours. At the 10.00, Interior Minister Efkan Ala and MİT Undersecretary Hakan Fidan arrived at Erdoğan's residence. After the Friday prayer, Erdogan took his seat to Dolmabahce by taking the Chairman of the Justice Commission of the Parliament Ahmet Iyimaya. Ala and Fidan and Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ also attended the meeting. At the summit, the esi 17 Interim Operation, was discussed in detail with the change of the governors and police chiefs of the TIR and 40 provinces sought in Hatay. Erdoğan will meet with 44, a group of journalists and writers today, at 11.00. Erdogan, at 15.00 will accept the President of TBB Metin Feyzioğlu'nun.
Support for nurses
RİZE members of the Civil Society Platform, Prime Minister Erdogan organized a march. 2 thousand people gathered in front of Orta Mosque after Friday prayers and walked up to Republic Square with banners and slogans. Some of the party symbolizing the shroud wrapped in white cloths on the drew attention.

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