Old TCDD Hospital Serves With New Face

Old TCDD Hospital Serves with its New Face: The former TCDD hospital building, where Sivas Provincial Special Administration continued its works and operations, continues to serve the citizens after the completion of the works.
Mevlüt Soysal, the Deputy Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration in the District of Halil Rıfat Pasha emphasized that the maintenance and repair work of the former TCDD Hospital in 1934 was completed with great care. The building was registered in 2008 by the Supreme Council of Monuments. In the other part of the Society Mental Health Center in the other part of the Public Hospitals Union serves as the General Secretariat of the building made with cut stone material, II. It is the work of the National Architectural Era. Our administration, which carried out the tender for the maintenance and repair works of this beautiful work, was instrumental in both the building to stand up and the service of two beautiful institutions. Bu
Stating that the Special Provincial Administration will be in constant dialogue with the General Secretariat of the Public Hospitals Union and contribute to the services to be provided, Soysal said, “Our administration has made serious investments in the field of health in our city. kazanhas risen. At the beginning of these investments is the Oral and Dental Health Center, which was built with the allowance of the Ministry of Health. Hopefully, these investments will continue without slowing down.” he said.

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