From İZBAN to Christmas

📩 29/11/2018 17:49

İZBANdan additional year-to-year: İZBAN, 4 set train, in order to provide ease of transportation to the people of New Year's Eve in addition, puts the next time. Accordingly, the 00.25 and 00.52, Menamen 00.26 and 00.53 will be moving from Cumaovasi to New Year's Eve. The trains in the direction of Cumaovasi-Menemen will be 00.57 and 01.24, and the trains to Menemen-Cumaovası will be at Xanx and Alsancak Station during 01.09 hours. Those who use these trains will also be able to transfer to the Izmir Metro at Halkapınar Station and go to Evka-01.39 and Hatay.


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