Hacısalihoğlu Railway Match must come from

Hacısalihoğlu Railway Match must come from: Chamber of Industry (TTSO) December parliamentary meeting was held. Suat Hacısalihoğlu, President of TTSO, shared the details of the surprise visit of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to TTSO while he made important statements about the Logistics Center.
TTSO President Suat Hacısalihoğlu Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his visit to TTSO made a presentation to the Prime Minister said: tı Prime Minister Erdogan met with Arsin OSB highlighted. We brought Arsin OSB to the forefront by bringing Industrial Island project to our Prime Minister and presented it as a presentation.
Due to the high mountainous terrain in the Eastern Black Sea Region and the present OIZs, we have reported that the hills of the mountains were shaved and the OIZs were established. 1 pays the cost of the 3 liras for the OIZs established in this way. We have conveyed the project which we prepared visually with the investment islands.
And the Prime Minister himself about the details of this one-to-one attention and suggestions made. One of these suggestions is to put it in front of the current project and put it in a port. We continue to work in this way, Bu he said.
As the Eastern Black Sea Logistics center, ığIyidere also decided to make the decision Hacısalihoğlu, id Planlara operated place OF İyidere. If this logistics will be set up on the beach, the institutions that will plan this need to act on purpose. This is the nursery. But according to the news we are thinking of expropriation towards the back, Ama he said.
It is a project located in different locations within Trabzon and will collect the tanks that affect the city traffic in the same place. It is a situation that will positively affect both the workforce, efficiency and savings. This will reduce environmental pollution. It will be one of the important steps of the Logistics Center to increase the coordination and physical proximity among the parties.
Hacısalihoğlu pointed out that the Çamburnu area, which is made with the filler which is considered as a second alternative, is small for the Logistics center. It was here around the turning of the 300 where this was given the decision of the logistics center. The place was too low for logistics bir ”I need some more filling here. It was built as a shipyard as everyone knows in Çamburnu. Fill and edit this way. This is where the construction works according to the shipyard and where the current hair makers work. This is not international standards. 10 has manufacturing places, X he said.
Noting that the project that needs to be owned in Trabzon is the investment island planned to be built in front of Arsin OSB, “The project that we must adopt is the project that we define as the investment island in Arsin. Here, 2 is preparing the industrial zone of investment island with over a thousand acres of sea fill. 16 million cubic meters of filling is needed here, Burada he said.
Hacısalihoğlu stated that the industrial project is the future of the region and said, böl The future of our industrial project region. While we demand this from our prime minister, we said that bütün two projects are a whole and two projects will complete itself Bunu. We took this promise. Presumably before the elections, the prime minister will prepare the project of the project as a preliminary project, and we will put forward more concrete projects. . Get the commitments from investors. Real investors emerge, Gerçek he said. That's right. Considering the investors, we see that there is a significant amount of investors Gelen.
With the establishment of the Logistics Center and the merger with the existing railway, the cost of logistics will decrease. These companies will remove a large overhead. Furthermore, it will contribute to the development of companies in the sense of logistics. In addition to this, Logistics Academies will be established and allowed to develop on this subject. The Black Sea will be turned into a logistics center of attraction.
Hacısalihoğlu, who also responded to speculations about the railway, said: ılan The project of landing of railway to Trabzon is Maçka valley. No need to look for a new way. It is a very short way to reach the investment island. Gümüşhane is a city full of gold mines with gold worth. A part of our region that does not leave Trabzon. As we have the gold in our hands, the railway is inevitable in the input mine movement. Alternatively, what will be carried on that route spoken. There will be a string every month.
But as long as it is this railway from Gumushane, every day it carries the rattles up and down. There's a significant amount of movement. The truth is obvious. The important thing is that we move them step by step. We forwarded this issue to our prime minister. He told us that everything was a turn. How important this study is in terms of the railway. Especially the current route will make a great contribution to the development of the region. On the other routes, the development will be almost impossible for the environment. Of course you need to think about the international link when making this railway. There is considerable capacity in front of us. We will use this capacity from here. We said this was a priority to take action. Kon
The structuring here was made in accordance with the shipyard. Space is reserved for 10 shipyards in this area. The aim here is to create a place at an international level and to bring the productions to the highest levels. And to announce the name of Trabzon to the whole world, especially Trabzon.

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