Canalioğlu: If We Were in the Rail System

Canalioğlu: We Olsaydık Rail System We would do: Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality mayor for the nomination of the name is clear, but the candidate has not yet officially announced CHP Trabzon deputy M. Volkan Canalioğlu, Trabzon, criticized the inability to operate the rail system.
Volkan Canalioğlu, who made statements on the subject, stated that they made significant investments in Trabzon under the conditions of 2004-2009 as mayor and said: X If we were at work today, the rail system would be serving the people of Trabzon. For the 40 years, we ended the garbage dump. We brought the City Hall to Trabzon without leaving the 5 penny from our cash register and even putting our 7 million TL in our municipality's safe. We made Hamamizade İhsanbey Cultural Center. We have opened the new park 45, we opened the long-distance traffic to our people. We have made more investments with limited budget. Kıs
"Currently in Trabzon traffic being experienced almost disgrace," said Canalioğlu "in any city in Turkey there is a traffic mess this up. Mayor 5 has lost years to this city. It is not possible for a stranger to reach the city center. In the local elections to be held in March 2014, the people of Trabzon will be reunited with the friendly, popular Social Democrat Municipality. If we were on duty, the rail system was in operation between Fatih and Atatürk areas at the moment Mah.
Mayor of Trabzon Canalioğlu criticized the speeches of Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu in a TV program attended, izi We used our budget for the benefit of our people. You pay the 4 trillion pounds before you pay the square Park. The municipality is not doing business that the contractors owe. The business will owe. When we come to the municipality, the employees can receive their salaries in two months and the burial place is given to the pensioners as bonuses. We gave them to Town Hall. But they couldn't even open this place. There was no place to walk on the beaches. The garbage heaps were like mountains. Hamamizade We have rebuilt the İhsanbey Cultural Center. We realized all the investments we made with the facilities of our municipality. His only job is the 50-meter path that connects the park and Tanjant to the Fatih neighborhood. Our people in the next local elections and district municipalities in the metropolitan municipality will use their preferences for the CHP de said.

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