Estram Team Emergency Drill

Estram Team Emergency Drill: A training was given to the personnel working in Eskişehir Light Rail System Administration (Estram) in order to get the tram out of the track and to make emergency intervention in a possible traffic accident.
In the training organized by the Search and Rescue Association (AKUT) Eskişehir team, Estram and Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Fire Brigade, the train was derailed and resumed. It was. The training also provided training on the use of shear release kits to remove a wounded vehicle from a vehicle in a possible jammed traffic accident.
Estram Personnel and Administrative Affairs Manager Tamer Güzeloğlu, said in a statement on the subject, the training staff to appoint 6 staff, AKUT team natural disasters can use the Estram officer 6 people said. Guzeloglu, '' for our business in case of need, other teams can not catch the first intervention will be our own teams. There will be many ongoing training on the work to be done in earthquakes, fire and floods. Our staff will attend the trainings on these issues, '' he said.

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